Our Community Heroes

Our wildlife rescue directory is organised into three tiers. This means we can direct requests for help to the rescues with the most capacity and resource first.

The third tier of our directory is called ‘Community Heroes’. These are usually very small rescues or individual rescuers who have limited capacity. Often they’re folks who are rescuing alongside a full-time job. As a result, their contact information is not visible to the public so as to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by too many requests for help.

If you’ve tried the rescues in the other tiers of our directory without success and think a Community Hero can help, get in touch with us via helpwildlife.co.uk/helpdesk and we’ll be able to pass their information along.

Or, you can undertake a search of the other tiers of our directory below

If you have a Community Hero listing and you want to edit it, just go to your profile page and edit from there. There’s detailed guidance here.