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If you are a wildlife rescue, independent rescuer, or wildlife-friendly vet in the UK, we’d love to have you registered in our directory. You’ll need to Register an Account in order to add a listing. You’ll then be able to edit the listing at any time, including setting it as ‘temporarily closed’ if you’re full or need a break. You’ll find guidance on adding, claiming, editing and removing a listing – here.

There are three ‘tiers’ to the directory. The purpose of the tier system is to direct finders, in the first instance, to larger, more well-established rescues in order to give them the best chance of finding help fast, and to help prevent smaller rescues becoming overwhelmed with calls.

1. The public directory/’Rescues’
These rescues are the first results shown to site visitors who search our map.

2. The back-up directory/’Small Rescues’
Contact details are publicly viewable on the site but visitors have to look a bit harder to find these rescues.

3. Community Heroes
Contact details are hidden from the public. Our team will refer people to you if they’ve not been able to find help from the first two tiers of the directory.

The table below provides a guide to which tier of the directory your rescue best sits in. The type of animals helped should be considered too: a small organisation specialising in a single species may still be suitable for the ‘rescues’ tier as numbers of enquiries should be low, whereas an organisation helping multiple or more common species may benefit from a cautious positioning so as not to be overwhelmed.

If you think your rescue is better suited to a different tier to the one it is currently on, please email [email protected] to discuss.

  1 (Rescues) 2 (Small Rescues) 3 (Community Heroes)
STRUCTURE RECOMMENDED: Formal structure eg Registered Charity, HMRC registered or CIC, or affiliated with a formal organisation eg BCT RECOMMENDED: Small or developing organisation, or one which isn’t primarily a wildlife rescue RECOMMENDED: Individual rescuer or vet practice
DURATION OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Established at least 2 years REQUIRED: Established at least 1 year Rescues established less than a year must start on this tier
CAPACITY RECOMMENDED: 1000+ animals a year, OR, numbers limited by demand rather than capacity e.g. a bat or badger only rescue RECOMMENDED: 100-1000 animals a year RECOMMENDED: 100 animals a year or less
CONTACT ROUTES REQUIRED: Must be available by publicly listed telephone Available by publicly listed telephone or social media Available by private telephone number or social media only
RESCUE BASE RECOMMENDED: Run from a centre (if a multi-species rescue) Likely to be home-based Home-based rescuer or vet practice
WEB PRESENCE REQUIRED: Must have an active website or social media presence
LISTING FEATURES Listings on this tier can add a logo and donation link Listings on this tier can add a logo and donation link Listings on this tier cannot add a logo or donation link. Only 1 web presence field is available.
VISIBILITY Listings are visible to the public and are the first results in the search Listings are visible to the public but only when this tier is selected in the search Listings are private with details only visible to HelpWildlife volunteers
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