Rescue for all wildlife in Sheerness

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NB: This is a directory listing. Do not use the comment facility to try and contact the rescue. Always TELEPHONE on the number/s above if you need help with sick, injured or at risk wildlife.

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victoria clarke

today i found a dying baby bird i called and i got tols to text the place and addres i did but i got no reply and sadly the bird died

Peny Gillham

Today I have been inspired and moved. After finding a young pigeon, virtually on my doorstep, with no sign of any parents after several hours. I rang a few wildlife rescue centres for advice and help. The only person who answered, was a lovely lady based in sheerness. I took the poor frightened pigeon to her. She immediately fed him and put him in a warmed cage, no doubt saving his life. This lady inspired me with her obvious love and care for the animals in need in her charge. I was deeply moved by her dedication and looking around… Read more »


Found an injured pigeon in my garden, a lovely lady came very quickly and took it with her.Hope they are able to save it I know they will do there very best

Lynette Hyde-Gomes

Found an injured pigeon, was told to bring it straight over. Hope they are ok but I know it’s in safe hands now

Nicola Wren

Contacted the lovely ladies at this place after finding an injured pigeon.. they are amazing and the animals they care for is so wonderful to see.. thank you so much for taking the pigeon in, putting my mind at rest and for caring so much


We contacted Lorraine about a young gull who had fallen into our garden with a damaged wing. She gave us excellent advice about how to care for him until we could take him to the vets where she collected him for rehabilitation. It was reassuring to hear from someone who cares where the best vets was etc. Thank you!


My daughter found a baby bird on the pavement we took it to Lorraine.
She was loverly , she let my daughter hold a baby fox and a ferret .
Great that there are people like Lorraine.

Betty Gray

A very helpful lady came round to rescue a poorly young fox from our garden in under an hour! How reassuring to have volunteers that are available to help when you are not sure who to contact!


I saw a swan in Teston Lock that was in bad shape after being attacked by another swan. I called Lorraine who came to the rescue along with two volunteers, Jan and Helen. Brian from the RSPCA also came to help as it was difficult to reach the swan. They rescued it and Lorraine took it home to look after it. Tomorrow it will go to the swan sanctuary in Middlesex. I am very impressed by the team’s knowledge, skills and dedication.


We took a hedgehog to Lorraine and found out it had pneumonia! Lorraine immediately knew what to do thank goodness.. It’s nice to know about her and the good work she does. Thanks Lorraine!

Caroline Lindsay

Have just left an injured bird with Lorraine – she was amazing, so caring and helpful. I am so happy there are people like Lorraine out there doing such wonderful work. Thank you so much for your help.

Sheena Trott

I took a baby rabbit that was brought home by my cat to the centre in Sheerness. The lady there – Lorraine – was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have never been in close proximity to so many wild animals and the experience was quite rewarding. Her dedication to the animals in her care is absolutely amazing.