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Click on the map markers or entries below to view full details of the rescue. Under each listing you'll see a list of the types of animal the rescue can help with. Unless the listing states 'verified' this isn't definitive but is based on the information our volunteers have been able to gather. It's worth exploring each result for more information to check whether they might be able to help. If you have too many results, click the cog to the right of the search box to narrow your results by species. If you have too few, you can use the left-most box to also check other tiers of our directory. Note: Inclusion in our directory is NOT an endorsement. You are strongly advised to check the suitability of any organisation you contact to help with your wildlife casualty.

If you're not sure what to do or you struggle to find a rescue to help, click here for more assistance

The Animal Rescue Charity

Species Helped: Badgers,Birds of Prey & Owls,Garden Birds,Hedgehogs

Herts Hogline

Species Helped: Hedgehogs

Uttlesford Badger Group

Species Helped: Badgers

Waterfowl Rescue Service

Species Helped: Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)

Kingfisher Wildlife and Exotics Sanctuary

Species Helped: Badgers,Birds of Prey & Owls,Deer,Foxes,Marine Mammals,Waterfowl (Large)

Hertfordshire and Middlesex Bat Group

Species Helped: Bats

Essex Badger Protection Group

Species Helped: Badgers

Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital

Species Helped: Hedgehogs

Wildlife Welfare

Species Helped: Badgers,Bats,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Deer,Foxes,Garden Birds,Gulls,Mice,Migratory Birds,Mustelids,Rabbits & Hares,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)

Monty Fox and Friends Wildlife Sanctuary

Species Helped: Badgers,Deer,Foxes,Hedgehogs,Mustelids,Rabbits & Hares,Rats,Voles

AB Reptile Rescue

Species Helped: Reptiles & Amphibians
Currently Full/Closed


Woodys Wildlife Rescue

Species Helped: Bats,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Deer,Foxes,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Gulls,Hedgehogs,Migratory Birds,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Reptiles & Amphibians,Squirrels,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)