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Consider rescues within about a 20 mile radius and don't forget to check both tiers of our public directory - Rescues and Small Rescues. Still struggling to find assistance? Visit our Help Page

Bexhill & Hastings Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary


Species Helped: Badgers,Bats,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Foxes,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Gulls,Hedgehogs,Mice,Mustelids,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Squirrels,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)

Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary


Species Helped: Hedgehogs,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)


RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre


Species Helped: Badgers,Bats,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Foxes,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Gulls,Hedgehogs,Invertebrates,Marine Mammals,Mice,Migratory Birds,Mustelids,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Reptiles & Amphibians,Seabirds,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)


Seahaven Wildlife Rescue


Species Helped: Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Foxes,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Gulls,Hedgehogs,Mice,Migratory Birds,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Rats,Reptiles & Amphibians,Seabirds,Waterfowl (Small)

Bird Aid


Species Helped: Corvids,Gulls,Waterfowl (Small)


East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (East Sussex WRAS)


Species Helped: Badgers,Bats,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Deer,Foxes,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Gulls,Hedgehogs,Marine Mammals,Mice,Migratory Birds,Mustelids,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Rats,Reptiles & Amphibians,Seabirds,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)


Wildlife A&E


Species Helped: Badgers,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Foxes,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Hedgehogs,Mustelids,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)


British Divers Marine Life Rescue


Species Helped: Marine Mammals


Folly Wildlife Rescue


Species Helped: Badgers,Bats,Birds of Prey & Owls,Corvids,Deer,Gamebirds,Garden Birds,Hedgehogs,Mice,Migratory Birds,Mustelids,Pigeons,Rabbits & Hares,Rats,Reptiles & Amphibians,Voles,Waterfowl (Large),Waterfowl (Small)

The Retreat Animal Rescue


Species Helped: Corvids,Garden Birds,Gulls,Hedgehogs,Pigeons,Waterfowl (Small)


The Fox Project


Species Helped: Foxes